Higher Mark Tutors was founded by Ben Honken in the spring of 2016.  Ben has always highly valued individualized education.  It started as a child when he was homeschooled.  He saw the way that the individual time and attention aided and accelerated his learning.  

When he was 17, he took his first job tutoring at a local community college.  He found that he loved helping people and explaining things in new ways so that they could understand.  He believed that individual attention could unlock a student’s potential.  He believed that anyone could learn anything if they had an attentive teacher.  The teacher’s job is not only to know the material.  They must also know the best way to teach it to a particular student.  

As years went on, Ben continued tutoring privately.  Over time he developed relationships with a number of tutoring companies.  After examining the basic model, he said to himself, “I could do that.”  With those words, the idea of Higher Mark Tutors was born.  

Ben’s desire is to set Higher Mark Tutors apart from other companies by showing an increased level of care and individualization, not only for paying customers, but also for the needs of the community.

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